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YSERA DOWN! YSERA DOWN! Completely unrelated non-rogue video CAUSE I’M BORED.

July 20, 2010

Yes, this is my baby priest Sanguis on Ysera, exploring the uncharted wilderness ;)  Took the video about a week ago, so this is definitely live, (well, it would be if the server was up😛 (Yes, I know it sucks and has no music… my first video on YOUTUBE EVAR… I’ll looking into some video-editing software soon and maybe get into it, was pretty fun, (big thanks to Wegame for not gouging me for the free in-game video capture, unlike some OTHER well-known capture solution, (*cough FRAPS *cough $35.00 *cough).

Ok, so the obligatory “why I haven’t been writing” paragraph… been called on by my guild to basically have two mains… that’s right, both Ray and El have been pulling double-duty… and with that and my per-Cata priest project, haven’t had much of a chance to comment on all the rogue “developments” for Cata.  (I put the quotations around “developments” because we know probably 50-75% of what is out there right now on BETA will get twisted and changed come the live release anyways).

I’m still here, still reading all your great WoW and Rogue related blogs, so keep up the good work rogue/Wow community, cause this rogue is semi-afk from the blogging scene until Deathwing makes his grand appearance😉

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  1. pitrelli permalink
    July 26, 2010 12:25 pm

    I hear ya, Im playing WoW at a sloth like pace but I’m just bored to tears of my Ret paladin and my resto druid is a work in progress (level 55).

    Hope Cataclysm hurrys up or I get in beta cause I’m itching to play a Rogue again:)

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