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Last Minute Cooking Leveling!

November 21, 2010

Thought I’d repost this from last year, it is an invaluable rundown of power-leveling your cooking during the Pilgrim’s Bounty from

For anyone out there playing ANY toons that do not have 350 cooking skill, please read this immediately! Ok, so this is like, last minute, but I needed to put this out there so anyone reading might have a chance to take advantage of this, (which I will be doing RIGHT after I publish this post).

Per. a post at and a rundown given by a poster at , during Pilgrim’s Bounty, (ending tonight at 11:59p server time… that’s in like 8 hours!!), you can easily level your cooking from 1-350 for as little as about 10g in mats, (either vendor mats or easy farming right next to vendor).

Yah, so for all you slackers out there, you have NO excuse to not have at least 350 cooking, (well, actually, you would if you just found out about it or didn’t log in during Pilgrim’s Bounty.

So, here is the quick version rundown, (all recipes from holiday vendor):

Level 1-60 – Buy recipe for Spiced Bread, buy enough Simple Flour (vendor) and Mild Spices (vendor) to make 80 bread and cook away.

Level 60-100 – Buy Bountiful Cookbook to obtain Spiced Stuffing recipe, use spiced bread from previous leveling and Autumnal Herbs (holiday vendor).

Level 100-160 – Buy Pumpkin Pie recipe, buy honey (holiday vendor) and Ripe Pumpkins (Darnassus Stormwind holiday vendor).

Level 160-220 – Buy Cranberry Chutney recipe, buy more honey and Tangy Cranberries (IF holiday vendor).

Level 220-280 – Buy Candied Sweat Potatoes recipe, buy sweet potatoes (Darn holiday vendor), honey, and Autumnal Herbs. (Note, you should buy all your pumpkins and lots and lots of sweet potatoes with one trip to Darn).

Level 280 – 350 – Buy Slow Roasted Turkey recipe, buy more sweet potatoes and honey and acquire turkeys from farming in Elywnn Forest.

That’s it! Some running around and minimal farming/gold and you too can be a cook! Just hurry, like I said, it ends in just 8 hours!


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